While some of you may be all set to embrace your natural beach waves this summer season, us straight hair Asian gals are not so lucky on that front.

We need to spend hours, a tonne of styling products AND a lot of heat to get those beautiful beach waves that others are rocking so effortlessly nowadays. In lieu of the season and our unfortunate need of beach wave tutorials, we dedicate this post to all straight hair gals looking for a little curl this season.

Here are 7 different ways to create beach waves this season:

Beach Waves with a Curling Wand

This one is pretty basic.

If you own a curling wand, then the process is pretty simple. You still need to use some tips and tricks to perfect them but otherwise, it is quite straightforward.

You point the curling wand upside down, curl your hair around them, depending on how you want to set your curls and once curled, let them cool off before touching them or running your fingers through them. Easy peasy, right?

If you want, you can do a little backcombing using a hairspray to give your fine hair more volume on the roots. Watch the tutorial below for more details:

Beach Waves for Short Hair using a Flat Iron

Short hair are the way to go during summer season. But they can look pretty boring if you don’t know how to style them differently every other day.

For summers, we recommend a little beach wave action. Give your hair some textured waves using a flat iron.

Section your hair into inch wide sections depending on your hair thickness, clamp and wrap them around the flat iron and pull downwards. The speed with which you pull your clamped hair down will give your hair a different amount of curl. The faster you do it, the straighter the wave; the slower you do it, the curlier your hair.

Watch the tutorial below for details:

Beach Waves Using a Flat Iron for Medium Length Hair

If you have medium length hair, the process is still the same using a flat iron. Take a look at another tutorial for more details:

Beach Waves for Super Short Hair with a Curling Iron

If you have even shorter hair (who doesn’t love a pixie cut), you can still rock beachy waves. Here is a very detailed tutorial to guide you on how to create beachy waves for short hair and how to style them to make them look fuller and more voluminous!

Heatless Beach Waves Tutorial

If you are not a big fan of heat or your hair are already very damaged because of previous styling rituals, you can still get beach waves with the need for heat tools.

This easy tutorial for beach waves for long hair shows how you can braid your almost dried hair and then spray it on with products to create gorgeous beach waves without the need for heat whatsoever. The blow drying in the beginning is optional, you can let your hair air dry too.

Twisted Beach Waves using a Blow Dryer

Yeah, you read it right! Innovative, no?

The idea is to twist the hair and then, dry them using a blow dryer. You can do the same with a flat iron too, but we found an awesome tutorial for doing it with a blow dryer. Check it out:

Twisted Beach Waves using a Flat Iron

And, here is the tutorial of the same kind of twisted beach waves with a flat iron:

How do you plan to sport beachy waves this season?