Doe eyes. Everyone wants the doe eyes. What most of us get is the regular Joe eyes.

But is there anything makeup can’t change? Higher cheekbones, fuller lips – no problem. Thinner nose, bigger – you name it, you get it.

We will just stick to bigger eyes today because eyes can make a world of difference. Besides, there isn’t just one trick to make your eyes appear bigger, there are several ways to do it. You need to find one that works best for your eye shape. Some people can even use all those hacks at once to super enlarge their eyes.

Let’s start with the oldest trick in the book.

Nude Lower Waterline

Almost all the starlets from the golden era of Hollywood, from Monroe to Taylor and from Audrey to Loren, used this trick to make their eyes appear larger. One swipe of a nude eyeliner on the waterline can drastically change the size of your eyes. Your eyes will look rounder, wider, and even more open.


During the 60s, the nude was replaced by a bright white instead, which also made a short-lived comeback in the 90s. However, white looked too unnatural and over the top. So, we are back to the good old nude again. The only difference is that we now have a better formula that applies smoothly and last longer on the waterline.

Our Pick: Gorgeous Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Highlite

The Highlights

If you don’t already know this, the purpose of a highlighter is to reflect more light so that the area can appear brighter, elevated, and bigger. You can use it in certain areas around your eyes to make your eye bigger.


Highlighter of the inner corner of the eye makes your eyes look wide apart and open. Apply some on the center of the lid, and it will make the eye pop out a bit. And finally, put some on the brow bone to create an illusion of a higher brow and bigger lid area.

Our Pick: MEMI radiance highlighter in any shade you like

Lash Lift

Curl one of your lashes for ten seconds and you can see how different both eyes look. The better the lift, the bigger the eyes. You need to make your lashes look longer, lifted, curlier, and denser at the same time. Also, you need to do that to both the upper and the lower lashes.


For those who have short and straight, a lasting lift is impossible with just one product. That is why there are so many types of mascaras and tools out there. First, you need to curl them with a good curler, then you apply one of two coats of the same of different mascaras as needed. It will take some to figure out the technique that works for lashes and your eye shape.


And if you can’t see to keep the lashes up by any means, go for falsies. Fake lashes will give your eyes that extra lift and oomph. You can even use the individual ones on the lower lash line.

Our Picks: Amber Dazzle New York Catwalk Lash and the Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara

Well-Defined Crease

The crease is what really defines the eye shape and size. Some people are lucky to have a well defined high crease. One of the classic tricks to make eyes bigger is to draw the crease above the natural one and make it more defined.


You can also create a difference with basic eye contouring. Whether you are using any other product on the eye or not, you can use a matte dark brown eye shadow to create a crease. Just like contouring tools, there are specific brushes to help you create a natural looking crease.

If you don’t have a natural crease or have a crease that is too close to the lash line, you should try cut crease technique to create an illusion.

Our Picks: Gorgeous Cosmetics Everyday Palette and Jane Iredale Crease Brush

The Perfect Brows

We have all seen those brow transformation videos on social media. Brows can completely change a person. They can change the shape and appearance of your eyes. However, there is no particular shape that would work for everyone.


The best shape to go with is to follow your natural hair growth and make it fuller, broader, and higher. In the past, it was assumed that thinner brows can make eyes look bigger, but it isn’t true. You just need to trim it a bit and tweeze the extra few from under to arch. Don’t pull too many hair out. Just use a good brow pencil to fill in and add some structure.

Our Pick: Luscious Cosmetics Brow Luxe Definer Pencil

Brighter Under Eyes

If you happen to have dark circles, you already know how they make your eyes look smaller and hollow. All of the aforementioned tricks are virtually useless if you haven’t properly concealed your dark circles.

If you look closely, you will realize that the shadowed area is more blue than black. So, a concealer alone is not enough. You need to color correct and counter the bluish tone before you can brighten it up. Depending on your skin tone you need peach or orange one.


It is important to invest in a quality undereye corrector as the area tends to break down the product and cause creasing. Also, go for a product that has both correcting and brightening effect.

Our Pick: Jane Iredale Active Light Under-Eye Concealer 

Wing It

And finally, the trick you have been waiting for.

Wing liners keep making a comeback for a reason. Nothing can make your eyes extended and lifted like a good old wing liner. There are different types of wings, but you need to experiment with all of them to see which one seems best on your eyes.


You can keep it subtle like Monroe or exaggerate the cat out of it like Amy Winehouse. You can go for the classic Bridget Bardot or the iconic Sophie Loren. Whatever you try, know that those divas knew that a wing can take your entire look to the next level.

Use a product that doesn’t smudge or budge all day, all night.

Our Pick: Skone Cosmetics Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner

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