Sometimes life calls for a little more than basic black eyeliner and clear lip gloss. For those nights when you want to look a bit more special, you don’t have to rely on crazy eye makeup and outrageous sparkles. There’s a prettier look that will get you just as much attention without all of the garishness.

Glamour magazine pointed out this style on the Betsey Johnson runway. You may be thinking it’s already too loud for your tastes, considering the types of fashion Johnson typically goes for, but don’t worry! The effect is totally do-able.

Just put on all of your regular makeup, including foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner and mascara. Your eyeliner should only be along your top lashes, and you can wing it out if you want to go the extra mile. Use a peachy brown shade of eyeshadow over your entire lid, then use a pencil like Joey New York – SoBe Smudgies for Eyes with Sharpener (Ocean Drive) in a silvery shade to line all around your eye. That includes your lower lash line and just above the upper eyeliner.

To top off the look, use a bold, light pink lip gloss like Too Faced – Diamond Gloss. You may want to prep your lips beforehand with a matching shade of lipstick so it lasts. The final effect is a bit daring but definitely flattering.

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