Hair care experts everywhere are raving about the do-it-all long bob, or “lob,” as it’s being called. This hairstyle is a longer version of the classic bob and there are plenty of ways to tailor it to fit your face and style. Here’s two.

The blunt lob. This cut is the most basic version of the trendy ‘do, with no layers or complicated prepping secrets. In fact, it’s easy to style in as little as five minutes. The cut makes your neck look longer, as a regular bob would, but gives you enough to work with so you can still put it up in your go-to ponytail. If your hair looks like it needs a refresher, try this cut to get rid of fried ends and make it look thick and healthy. Use a product like Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream to de-frizz.

The long-layered lob. This look works well with longer faces because it adds width with extra layers. Unlike the blunt lob, this cut adds texture to your locks so you can get the illusion of waves even if your hair’s straight. If you get it cut around shoulder-length, you’ll still be able to try out tons of new trends, like braids and updos. Part it down the middle or to the side for a more sophisticated look.

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