Although your feet will most likely be living in closed-toe shoes this winter, there may be a few occasions during which your feet will be on display. For those of you who are planning to wear a peep-toe style to any holiday parties, you may want to take a shortcut when it comes to your pedicure.

Peep-toed shoes only show a couple of your toes, right? Typically your big toe and the one next to it – possibly the third one. In other words, only about ? of your toes will be showing, which means that a complete polish job is totally unnecessary, especially if you’re in a rush.

Whether you have an existing paint job or not, all your toes need is a couple of new coats of polish on the toes that will be showing when the shoes are on. Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers has plenty of festive shades to try.

Along with a foot scrub to get rid of calluses, like Treatment and Foot Scrub, that’s all your feet need to look great in a hurry!

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