Many women have made the mistake of over-plucking their eyebrows. Sometimes you just happen to find the perfect lighting and all of those little stray hairs are exposed – which then leads to intensive shaping – which can then result in sparse brows. It’s not the end of the world, however.

Cosmopolitan magazine has a few tips for fixing up over-plucked brows, and all it takes is a good brow pencil, a bit of powder and a clean mascara brush before your eyebrows look full again.

First, pick out a pencil shade that perfectly matches your brows. Too dark or too light will look obvious, so take your time finding the right shade of Eye Brow Pencil. When you’re applying, make short strokes that mimic the look of your natural brow hairs. Be sure to fill in your entire brow – not just the bare areas. A bit of Paula Dorf – 2 + 1 for Brows will make them look softer.

Finally, use a clean mascara wand to feather your lashes and get rid of any harsh pencil lines. Comb them up and out for the most natural look.

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