There’s nothing prettier than a perfectly-executed cat eye, but many women lack the steady hand necessary for an even, symmetrical swoop. Luckily, Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog has a great trick for creating the look in no time at all.

To make a gorgeous cat eye, all you need is a pot of black liquid eyeliner, an angled liner brush and a roll of Scotch tape. You’ll be using the tape as a stencil that will simply need to be filled in with the liner. Before you put it on your skin, quickly tap it on your clothes to make it a bit less sticky.

Use one long piece, starting at your lash line (the inner corner of your eye or somewhere near the middle of your eyelid works). Place another shorter piece starting at the bottom corner of your lower lash line and intersecting it with the first piece of tape.

Then, use the brush to pick up a bit of the liner and fill in the middle of the two pieces of tape. Wait a couple of seconds, then peel off both pieces to reveal a perfectly executed sweep of liner! If the line is a bit wobbly on the top, just use a cotton swab dipped in water or makeup remover to clean up the edge. Easy, right?

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