You don’t have to be an appraisal expert to recognize that Rihanna’s makeup at last night’s Grammy Awards was nothing less than out of this world.

With pops of burgundy, fuchsia and lavender, the R&B bombshell showed up to the event flaunting a palette of colors that was quite apropos for both the red carpet and Valentine’s Day. And if anyone could find a way to pull this look together with a head of blood-red hair, it’s definitely Rihanna. Well done. She just showed us all how to rock the multi-colored ‘do with a whole lot of pomp and style.

To get a Rihanna-inspired look, sweep a rosy lavender shadow over your lids and blend a dusty mauve hue into your crease. Look for stand-out shades such as Youngblood‘s Crushed Mineral Eyeshadow in Carnelian and Morganite). You can add a little translucent highlighting shadow to your browbone if you wish, but keep the attention focused on your lids and finish with lots of black mascara.

Pair with a deep cabernet lipstick and a shade of rosy blush just barely darker than your skintone. Rihanna rocked a rich layer of lip color but kept it fresh by topping her pout with some lip gloss, so keeping your lips moisturized is key.

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