You may think that oil is the last thing you want to put on your face and body, but in fact, many people have started embracing the oil trend throughout the beauty world.

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, “Some oils actually help treat and prevent acne. Others, intended for makeup removal and/or skin rejuvenation, won’t make you break out.” Oil cleansers and moisturizers are perfect for harsh winter weather that tends to strip the dewiness right out of your skin.

If the skin around your eyes could use a little TLC this winter, consider using Eye Creams. This lubricating formula will nourish the sensitive skin around your eyes and give it plenty of antioxidants to combat the effects of aging.

Body Oil is a great choice for your body during the winter, as it works to improve your skin’s appearance and elasticity. Everyday skin conditions like stretch marks and scars can be improved with the use of oils like these, as well as signs of aging and extra dry patches of skin.

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