Sometimes, certain events call for an updo. They’re elegant, sophisticated and have plenty of creative options. However, if you have short, thin hair, it can be nearly impossible to scrape together an elegant look. Luckily, Glamour magazine’s beauty blog found the perfect solution.

Cameron Diaz, who recently stepped out with a short bob, was spotted with a chic bun at the Dior Haute-Couture show in Paris. Despite her lack of hair, the updo looked great and fit right in with the designer fashions.

The key to pulling off a small bun in the back is to make the front of your hair attention-grabbing. This means plenty of volume and texture. Use Leonor Greyl – Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice (Volumizing Styling Mousse) to give your hair weightless volume before teasing the strands at your crown. Slick it back lightly, then use hairspray to keep it in place.

In the back, you’ll need several pins to keep your small bun from going anywhere. Just gather up as much hair as you can and be sure to use hairspray to tame anything that won’t reach all the way back. Finally, use a bit of Hamadi – Shea Hair Cream to slick back the sides.

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