Many women have an ample collection of eyeshadow and often wear multiple shades at once. When it comes to mascara, however, it seems that gals are often content with one tube to create a myriad of looks.

However, according to one of Hollywood’s prettiest leading ladies, wearing two different colored mascaras at once may be a good idea.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Annual Gala in Los Angeles, Kirsten Dunst donned sparkly eye makeup that brilliantly enhanced her eyes – so beautifully, in fact, that we almost didn’t notice her bright red lips!

And while the shimmery sheer shadow that surrounded her lids was a major component in creating the look, women may also be interested to hear that Kirsten was wearing two different shades of mascara.

“I wanted her eyes to defined and open but still soft,” Kayleen McAdams, Dunst’s makeup artist, told “The black on top really makes her eyes pop and the brown adds just a little definition on the bottom.”

McAdams was right – the bold black and soft brown worked together to enhance Dunst’s eyes in a perfectly balanced way. We can’t wait to try out this trick!

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