Let’s take a minute to go through your makeup routine. Most likely, it involves washing your face with a gentle cleanser like Talika – Photo-Gentle Cleanser, then applying some sort of serum and a moisturizer on top of it. After that, perhaps you use a primer, a touch of foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. But are you taking advantage of the trick that actress Jaime King uses to make her peepers pop?

All it takes is a little bit of a highlighter like theBalm – Cindy-Lou Manizer Luminizer Highlighter (or a shimmery silver, gold or pink eyeshadow). Can you guess where it goes? On the inner corners of your eyes!

This trick not only takes about three seconds to do, but it’s pretty much foolproof, meaning even ladies without exceptional application skills can pull it off without a sweat. Just use a brush or the tip of your clean finger to dab a bit of highlighter into the corners. This will make your eyes appear brighter, wider and more awake. Who wouldn’t want that? No wonder Jaime King looks so fabulous on the red carpet – she’s mastered this one!