You might think you have it all down when it comes to your skincare routine – a moisturizer, sunblock, primer and foundation give you a fresh-looking face. But if you’re not already using a skincare serum, you might be missing out on some serious benefits.

There are a number of serums available that can help you target some of your skin’s most serious issues, whether it’s age spots and acne marks, fine lines and wrinkles or just extra moisturization for a complexion that tends to get parched.

Allure Magazine recommends choosing a serum that will work for your specific skincare woes, then putting it on before your moisturizer right after you’ve washed your face. This will help it soak into your skin and the moisturizer will act as a barrier on top that will help it penetrate even more effectively.

Not sure where to start? A serum containing retinol is always a good choice, as it can help with many signs of aging, leaving you with a smoother, brighter complexion. Try something like PCA Skin – Retinol Renewal (pHaze 26).

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  1. Nowadays , we need to take more care of our skin due to increased pollution and less time for a good skin care. For this purpose, a skin care serum can do it all for us.

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