It doesn’t matter how great your exfoliants or moisturizers are – according to dermatologists, if you’re not washing your face in the proper sequence you may not be getting the most that your high-quality beauty products have to offer. Dermatologist Susan C. Taylor recommends the following steps when treating skin.

1. Washing your face can be a time-consuming task, but if you strive to have the most luminous complexion possible, you’re likely more than ready to meet the challenge. Before doing anything else, be sure to wash your face with something gentle like PETER THOMAS ROTH – Un-Wrinkle Creme Cleanser.

2. If you’re trying to minimize acne or dark circles under your eyes, you should apply this treatment after you’ve washed your face. An under-eye cream like Youngblood – Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream can help lift and firm the sensitive skin around your eyes. When you apply this, use your ring finger, as this is the weakest and may not harm the tender flesh encircling your peepers.

For maximum results don’t forget to use moisturizer and combine with other skincare products suitable for your type of skin.

3. Sunscreen and makeup should be the last things you apply. Once you’re done, get ready to marvel at all the radiance your hard work has produced!

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