It seems like it would make sense – to zap oil, you’d have to soak it up and dry your skin out, right? Wrong! While you may think that using toners or cleansers with harsh oil-combating ingredients would help get rid of shine, they might actually be making the problem worse.

According to Allure Magazine, that’s because when your skin is stripped of its natural moisture, it essentially panics and overcompensates by producing even more oil. So how can you calm it down and get that moisture balance back?

Start by hydrating your skin with a gentle moisturizing cleanser like Exuviance – Moisturizing Antibacterial Facial Cleanser. It’s also good for acne-prone skin because it combats the bacteria that’s clogging your pores, so you’re killing two birds with one stone!

Next, use a light moisturizer to restore your skin’s moisture levels and prevent your complexion from producing more oil. Something like Dermalogica – Active Moist will do the trick – it has an ultra-light formula that absorbs into your skin quickly, creating an invisible barrier that seals in hydration. Apply it right after cleansing your face when your skin is still slightly damp.

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