Summer is on its way (we desperately hope so) and we want you to channel your inner summer goddess this year. Whether you are just planning to sunbathe at your local beach or are jetting off to a Mediterranean island for a week, we are here to help you flaunt your skin while amping up sun protection:

  1. Cellulite No More

Those extra pounds from the winter holidays ruining your bikini look? While exercise is the obvious way to get rid of cellulite, massaging with a scrub helps boost blood circulation and break up those unwanted dimples.

A body scrub with caffeine can help further stimulate dilation and give a tightening effect to the skin. A product like Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub is your best bet this summer season. The scrub is made with fresh Indonesian coffee and it not only exfoliates but foams up to a gorgeous café au lait color for deep cleansing too.

  1. Banish Bacne

Yet another summer body peeve is bacne or back acne that definitely does not look pretty in those off-shoulder summer dresses. While effective cleansing it what keeps bacne away, chemical exfoliants containing AHAs and BHAs as main ingredients help get rid of the stubborn pimples quickly too.

Use body washes like Whish Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Wash to slough away dead skin with natural ingredients like Sugar Cane, Lemon, Orange, Apple, & Green Tea Extract while moisturizing with nourishing ingredients like Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter.

If bacne is more severe, and you are suffering from conditions like Keratosis Pilaris – chicken skin – use leave on products containing AHAs like NeoStrata – Lotion Plus AHA 15 for dry skin and NeoStrata – Gel Plus AHA 15 if you have oily skin.

  1. Fading it Fast

We all have our fair share of parched winter skin covered up with layers of coats during the winter season. The look isn’t as presentable during the upcoming season though. Fade all signs of parched skin and stretch marks – if you are a recent winter mom – with a deeply nourishing body butter like JAQUA – Buttercream Frosting Sinfully Rich Body Butter.

Its formulated with sweet almond oil, apricot, shea butter, ginger root and grape seed to help smoothe, and revitalize dehydrated skin, leaving it fresh, supple and delectably fragrant.

  1. Fuzz Off Unwanted Hair

Your winter wardrobe might have covered it all, but those unwanted hair are definitely not a flattering look for the leg-baring summer frocks.

Ditch the expensive salon waxing appointment and opt for products like Bliss – ‘Fuzz’ Off Body Hair Removal Spray Foam and Bliss – ‘Fuzz’ Off Bikini Precision Fresh-Scented Hair Removal Cream. It’s all as easy as spraying and rinsing it off without the horrifying pull and tug of waxing. What’s more, these products contain inhibiting complexes to reduce future hair growth and nourishing butters to help moisturize.

  1. Sandal-Ready Feet

Planning to bring out your Huaraches for the beach? Get your feet sandal-ready with an at-home pedicure.

Get rid of dry winter feet without emptying your wallet at the spa, with an easy to use product like Patchology POSHPEEL. The product contains an Activating Essence – a botanical blend of Advanced AHA + BHA – which helps dissolve dead skin and exfoliate rough patches, while brightening the skin.

All you need to do is pour the nourishing goodness into the included Foot Masque sock and wear it while you catch up on some R&R.

  1. Cover It Up

While the skin care products will work over time to give you flawless summer skin and body to flaunt throughout the season, you will need makeup products to cover up current hitches.

However, since it’s the summer season, don’t forget to amp up sun protection with SPF infused makeup for an extra layer of shield.

Opt for light-weight BB creams and tinted moisturizers for the face to avoid the overdone caked up look. Flaunt illuminated-from-within glowing skin with products like bareMinerals – Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and Smashbox – Camera Ready BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35 for those unlimited beach selfies.

If those sensual body butters are taking their time to get rid of stretch marks and age spots, use a pigment like Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Creme SPF 15 to cover them up with a transfer-proof finish while providing SPF protection at the same time.

  1. Glow and Go

Minimal makeup looks are the best for the beach which is why we prefer multi-purpose products to give us a natural look that’s easy to touch up on the go too.

A light tint which works equally well as a blush and a lip product and provides additional SPF support should be your beach bag essential this season. Supergoop! Perk Up! Lip and Cheek Treat SPF 40 is our absolute favorite for the beach. Why you ask? It’s a multitasker for one, it’s a gorgeously bright energetic yet natural post-gym shade AND it provides vitamin enriched SPF protection. Oh did we mention it comes with a compact mirror for on-the-go touch up’s?

If you are looking to flaunt your natural lip color, opt for something like the ever popular Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 Shea Butter & Vitamin E.

  1. Set it All In

While the beach weather is all lovely and energizing, the humid air might wreak havoc on your makeup.

Set your “natural I woke up like this” look with a setting spray like COOLA – Face SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray that not only locks your makeup in with a hydrating yet matte finish but also provides yet another – you guessed it – SPF layer for your skin. More is more, right?