If you use liquid foundation, it might be because your skin is a bit on the drier side. Liquid foundation can offer your skin the hydration it needs to make it through the day, without highlighting any flakes or patchy areas. It’s also great for giving you a natural, glowing finish.

However, while liquid foundations work to smooth your skin, hide blemishes and firm up your complexion, they don’t always provide the high level of moisture that you need. That’s why Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog recommends mixing a drop of oil in with your foundation to give you the specific benefits and lasting hydration that different varieties offer.

While you could use natural oils like grapeseed, argan or jojoba, treatment serums would also work just as well. A ratio of one drop to every three drops of liquid foundation is all you need for a radiant complexion. You’ll find that your skin’s texture will be improved and the oil will help provide a more natural finish. If you’d like to be absolutely sure that both your foundation and make up will be evenly applied, try out the beauty sponge from Beautyblender.

Keep in mind that you might not want to try this if you have oily skin, as it might cause breakouts or make your face really shiny. Stick to powder foundations instead.

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