As though having acne wasn’t bad enough, some of us may have to live with unsightly scars following the conclusion of our pimple-ridden teenage years. Fortunately, you can properly stock your makeup arsenal with products and tricks to help you blast the scars away for good – or at least until you wash your face at night.

According to, “good foundation is key to hiding acne scars,” but most formulas will work even better if you start with a primer. A primer isn’t the same thing as a foundation – it actually helps even out the texture of your face while minimized pores and scars.

Next, the news source recommends dabbing concealer on with your fingertips, as the natural heat from your hands will help the product blend into your skin.

A good foundation will seal the deal, and StyleBistro recommends Giorgio Armani’s luminous silk foundation.

As always, set with a pressed powder. A mineral-based powder such as Youngblood‘s Mineral Rice Setting Powder can be just the thing you need to create a flawless finish.

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