Can you imagine a Barbie’s head attached to a soiled rag doll? That is what’s like to happen if you aren’t taking care of your neck and décolletage.

Contrary to what most people believe, eyes don’t always show the first sign of aging. Crowfeet and under eye sagging may be the most noticeable signs, but that also means people are quick to look for remedies for these problems. That is a good thing because early care slows down aging and makes it easier for you to conceal the signs.

The real problem area is right beneath your chin. The skin is thinner around that area, and excessive screen time can give you what they call the “tech neck” now.

The fact that this area isn’t clearly visible even in the mirror, and therefore ignored, makes it an even bigger problem. People only start to notice when the neck already start to seem ten years older than your face. To avoid that, you need to start taking care of your neck and décolletage even before the emergence of the first signs of aging.

Since the skin in this area is different, your regular anti-aging treatment may not work here. You need products specifically created for neck and décolletage. Yes, you need to add a few more products to your skincare routine. There are hundreds to choose from, but we bring you our seven best picks.

IYOU Neck and Collarbone Mask

This Korean skincare staple is suitable for all skin types. IYOU Neck and Collarbone Mask contains safe and effective ingredients such as coenzyme Q10 that makes up for the loss of collagen and elastin. It improves cell growth to repair the damage while providing nourishment to your skin.

Made from 100% pure and natural cotton, this sheet mask is easy to apply and ensure proper absorption. One sheet covers the neck and collarbone.

Donna Bella Cosmetics DMAE Neck and Chest Serum

This serum is made of powerful anti-aging ingredients, including omega 3, cavier, allantoin, vitamin C, and aloe vera, to name a few. The active ingredient, DMAE, in the Donna Bella Cosmetics DMAE Neck and Chest serum is known for its multiple antiaging properties. This potent blend repairs the damaged skin, reduces inflammation, removes discoloration and recovers elasticity of your neck and chest area.

The product promises to reverse ten years of aging in 60 days. Make it a part of your every day to hide all the signs of aging from your neck and décolletage.

YEOUTH Neck Firming Cream with Green Tea Argireline Vitamin C

YEOUTH is renowned anti-aging skincare company that understands the importance of skincare for every part of your body. The YEOUTH Neck Firming Cream is formulated for the delicate and sensitive skin of the neck and chest area. It contains polyphenols that are naturally found in green tea. They have strong antioxidant properties and slow down the process of aging.

Other ingredients Argriline and Vitamin C fight wrinkles and fine lines while making your skin look plumper and fuller. So, basically, it is a multitasking formula that can fight numerous signs of aging for you. The cream formula makes it convenient to use.

Wrinkles Schminkles Neck Smoothing Kit

Forget wrinkles. Forget schminkles. Forget all the signs of aging, neck, and décolletage. Wrinkles Schimnkles Neck Smoothing Kit is the first step in your neck skincare. These silicone pads are meant to be worn overnight for deep hydration of the neck area. That is what makes them so effective against aging caused by sun damage. It also prevents creasing that occurs during sleep.

The pads will stimulate collagen production overnight, which results in a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. You will wake up with softer, suppler, and tighter skin. Further improve the results with the morning after serum.

Wrinkles Schminkles Morning after Glow Serum for Chest and Neck

One thing we love about Wrinkles Schminkles is how committed they are to this cause. They have an entire range of products to help you take care of the décolletage. Wrinkle Schminkles Morning After Glow Serum for chest, neck and face is a magical remedy for under the chin sagging and aging. It contains a long list of antioxidants and fatty acids essential for a younger looking tighter skin. It contains resveratrol and Vitamin B3 as major anti-aging ingredients.

The serum delivers best results when used with the moisturizing silicone pads from the same company. Use the pads to hydrate the skin overnight and apply the serum in the morning to see better results. Pullulan in the formula helps with instant tightening of the skin.

Apothederm Firming Neck Cream

For photodamaged neck and décolletage skin, you need instant firming. Apothederm Firming Neck Cream offers that and much more. It has smart peptides that make it work instantly to visibly reduce sagging. These bioactive peptides stimulate collagen production to ensure firmer and tighter skin with every use. Other includes worth to reduce wrinkles as well discoloration.

We love the fact that it also includes a number of nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and olive oil, etc. With regular usage, you will experience a noticeable improvement in your skin texture.

Silcskin Collette Neck Pad

These 100% medicinal grade silicon pads are designed to cover the entire neck and decollete area. Silcskin Collete Neck Pads are perfectly suitable for people with sensitive skin. You can wear them as long as you want, even during the day as they are skin colored. However, they are best recommended for nighttime usage.

Wear it for as long as you want and discover an instant change in texture tone and firmness of your skin.

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  1. Wow, Thanks for sharing this information. I was just using Sunscreen and under that a little drop of Vitamin C Serum

  2. I literally use lemon a lot for my body care. Because of Vitamin C and Vitamin c Serum. And it’s good as anti-wrinkles.

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