Let’s say it’s Friday night. On your way to work your route took you through dusty city streets, punctuated by a breeze wafting dried ‘wino pee dust’ and dog poop into the air. Wait! I could be wrong… it could have been dried ‘dog pee dust’ and wino poop… but let’s not split hairs.

Then, you sat at your desk all day as invisible smog, traveling through office ductwork and air vents, deposited on your skin and after that joined your BFF for dinner and an evening of clubbing.

As you entered and left the club you held your breath to avoid inhaling the haze of the dozen or so smokers who are condemned to puff outside. But the smoke still stuck to your makeup, oil and sweat.

Finally, you met “that guy”! He bought you a few drinks, chatted you up and next thing you know, you’re back at his place. God only knows, you can’t let him see you without makeup in the morning… so you just leave it on. The makeup along with the oil and sweat, pee and poop dust, smog, and cigarette smoke… just where they settled during the long day between your bed and his.

Is that disgusting or what?

Smog and smoke contain plenty of Free Radicals… so every minute of that amorous night you’re destroying collagen, widening your pores and wrinkling your precious skin.

Ask any guy-friend with his sense of smell intact. He’ll confirm that the stuff accumulated on your skin smells… even, stinks.

Ah, romance!

The solution to this dilemma is to carry an emergency skin kit; tiny bottles of your favorite cleanser, night cream and eye serum in a little plastic bag in your purse. Regularly using antioxidant skin care products can also limit the damage to your skin due to external elements.

Wash your face and apply fresh makeup, if you must. Just do NOT sleep in makeup you’ve worn all day!

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