Bikini season is still upon us, and if you’re obsessed with maintaining a beach-ready body throughout the summer, removing unwanted body hair has likely taken up a lot of your time. While it might seem a little strange, did you know that you may be able to reduce razor burn along your bikini line with something as simple as sour cream?

According to, applying sour cream or a poultice made of oatmeal to your newly-shaved areas may help diminish pain and ease inflammation. This unexpected remedy may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a unique way to quell your discomfort, either one of these cool remedies may do the trick.

For a more traditional way to treat unsightly redness, try a product like Baxter of California – After Shave Balm, which is formulated with glycerin and tea tree oil to reduce itching and irritation.

If you’re continually plagued by problems with razor burn, you may also want to consider revamping your shaving methods. Dermalogica – Soothing Shave Cream can help you get noticeably softer, smoother skin and may help prevent damage.

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