Nails may not seem like it at first, but they can be an excellent way for you to channel your moods through color and design. Vivid nail creations aren’t just for the bold and trendy, either. Even if your personal style tends to be more sedate, there are many easy designs that you can bring to life with a few of these helpful tips.

According to Glamour Magazine, one of the hottest looks to leap off the runway this season is velvet nails. While this sultry style isn’t easy to pull off, you can channel the dark luxuriousness of it with something like Lippmann Collection – Bad Romance Nail Lacquer, which also features a subtle hint of glitter.

However, if you’re searching for something radically different, you could also try layering your polishes with a mix of pastel and metallic hues. Lippmann Collection – Prelude to a Kiss Nail Lacquer can be a good, office-ready base that blends well with gold or silver. The source also recommends vivid colors like teal or bright green, which can create a stunning contrast for any attire.

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