Maybe you’re at the club, or you’re having an intimate dinner with friends. It doesn’t matter where you might be, because disaster in the form of a candid camera lens can strike at any time.

While commemorating a great night out by snapping a couple of photographs can seem harmless, it could be absolutely disastrous if you’re the kind of gal who loves to look effortlessly flawless.

You don’t have to shoot the cameraman (or woman!) a thousand-yard glare the next time he or she plays fast and loose with the lens. If you invest in the right beauty products, like a full coverage concealer, you can instantly rid your face of those ultra-embarrassing fine lines and dark circles.

Appearing radiant and full of life in your photos is one thing, but what you don’t want is your shiny complexion to be plastered all over Facebook come morning. You can skip out on this – not to mention untagging every photo online – by grabbing a neutralizing primer for sensitive skin and applying it before any other products. This can ensure that your makeup stays on throughout the evening and will cut back on any extra shine.

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