Celebrity Makeup Artists Hacks

We have time and again shared our favorite beauty hacks to help you get ready faster and to help your makeup stay longer and stronger.

However, today we bring to you some amazingly simple beauty hacks as suggested and practiced by world renowned celebrity makeup artists backstage at fashion weeks! Here are some tips to fight all your makeup woes and tricks to try savvy new trends:

Creating Your Custom Nude Lip

Nude lips are always on trend. But, the sexy kind. Not the drab, dull kind where you look ill and the lip looks blended with your skin tone.


Celeb MUA Romy Soleimani suggests applying a light dab of foundation on your lips to tone down your natural lip color and then topping it off with a lip balm. Otherwise, apply a flesh toned lip pencil on your lips with a slight dab of concealer on top of it “beautiful, pale nude lip that isn’t too washed out.”

Making Your Lipstick Last Long

According to celeb MUA James Boehmer, long wear lipstick can be achieved with four simple steps.


Start off with a layer of a nude lip pencil, then dust a layer of translucent loose powder. Follow up with a lipstick shade of your choice, preferably with a matte finish and then top it off with another coat of lip liner.

Creating a Skin-Like Natural Highlight

It’s very easy for you to look like a disco ball or as if you fell in the glitter box, when applying highlighter – especially if you are not a pro. It’s definitely not the model look you are aiming for.

MUA Romy Soleimani suggests mixing in your highlighter with a bit of your eye cream and then, applying it above your cheekbones. This “makes it more skin-like, more of a glisten.”

Creating your Custom Nail Color

Leave it to Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist and the ultimate expert in nail polishes, to suggest you newer ways to use your nail colors.


If you are not satisfied with and/or are bored with your nail colors, you can create new tones and shades by layering them on top of each other. For example, if you want to change the shade of a red nail color, simply add a layer of brown nail color below it to make it darker and more rustic or add a layer of orange nail color to make it brighter. The trick is to let the “first layer dry for two minutes before you put that second polish”.

Locking in Temporary Hair Color

Need to add a little pink zest to your hair but afraid the hair chalk is going to leave a stain for weeks? This hack is for you!


Celeb hairstylist Thomas Osborn suggests using a hairspray to create a barrier seal around the hair before applying the color and then spritzing the hairspray once more over the color to temporarily lock it in. This technique is more of a must-do hack for people with more porous hair colors like blonds. A good suggestion of a DIY temporary hair color by the stylist is to mix in eye pigments with a bit of talc. This can easily be removed later on with a makeup wipe.

Volumizing Fine Hair

A tonne of your favorite hair mousse still failing to give you the desired volume? That’s because you have been applying it wrong all along!


Celeb hair stylist Bob Recine believes you are simply wasting your hair mousse when applying it on wet hair. “The best way to get more power out of a product” is to apply it on dry hair to allow more strength, texture and control.

Nailing the Perfect Cat Eye

The cat eye trend isn’t going anywhere this new year either. So you might as well perfect it rather than going around looking for weird tools to make it work.

Renowned MUA Charlotte Tilbury claims creating the perfect cat eye is as easy as connecting dots! You will need a felt tip eye liner pen for this hack to work.

Start by drawing a precise line from the inner corner of your eye till three quarters of the lid across. Then, open your eye and mark a dot where you want the cat eye flick to be. Tilbury insists on ensuring that your eye is open to help find the perfect spot for the dot. Now, simply connect the dot diagonally to the end of the line you just drew and the outer corner of your eye.

Correcting a Styling Oil Overkill

No matter how light-weight and non-greasy your hair styling oil is, it is very easy to overdo it and turn your gorgeous blowout in a flat, greasy mess.


If you have done just that and have less than a minute to leave the house, simply pat your hair with a towel and then spray a dry shampoo at the roots to lift the hair again. For next time onwards, Hairstylist Guido Palau suggests spraying “any product with shine in it or serum” on your hands first and using the product slowly at first.

Making Matte Nails Last Longer

Matte nails are on trend and look gorgeous! But they also highlight every manicure mistake that you just made – uneven brush strokes and nail ridges.


Celeb manicurist Miss Pop recommends using a regular topcoat on your manicure first and then, layering it up with a matte topcoat to avoid the manicure woe and to make it last much longer.

Changing the Shade of a Pigmented Nail Color

While some nail colors fail to give us pigmentation in one coat, others just give us way too much of that in just a stroke.


Manicurist Gina Edwards suggests thinning out pigmented polish by mixing in a top coat with the original nail color. Take an empty nail polish bottle and pour in “equal parts lacquer and topcoat” to create the new formula. Make sure you DO NOT use a quick drying topcoat for this technique.

If the new color is still too pigmented, add in more top coat; if it’s too sheer for your liking, add in more nail color.

Grooming Brows Without The Pricey Brow Gel

If you are on a budget, or simply forgot to pack your brow gel while travelling, an easy way to groom brows into shape is to grab a small toothbrush, spray it on with a hairspray on hand and using it as your arch tamer.


This technique by celeb MUA Alice Lane works better than a brow gel since it gives a more natural finish than your conventional brow gel which might be a little too “hard” looking for your makeup.

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  1. Great suggestions. Especially with the lip and eyebrow tips. Is this good for an older person, say 80 or older?

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