It goes without saying that acne is one of the biggest beauty bummers known to man. Even if you did your fair share of time suffering with the stuff through all of high school, adult acne can tag along well into your 20s.

For those who have tried everything but to no avail, Grace Gold of revealed her own shocking solution to a cystic acne problem that had plagued her for years. She tried everything in the book before she cut dairy out of her diet, and surprisingly, this simple solution did the trick. Gold explains that dairy and white sugar trigger reactions in acne-prone people that result in tell-tale bumps on your face, and cutting down on these foods is one sacrifice that may be well worth making.

Still, though, not everyone can hope for one magic solution. If you’re still contending with the occasional breakout, use acne products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help clear things up.

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