There are a few common makeup mistakes that could seriously sabotage a successful look. Fortunately, there are ways to correct your errors to ensure you put your best face forward. Ready to refresh on some basic beauty lessons?

Common Makeup Mistakes

While it might seem tempting to build layer upon layer of foundation to hide your flaws, that can result in a caked-on effect that’s highly unflattering. The product will inevitably begin to settle into any wrinkles and lines, thus drawing extra attention to them, especially in harsh lighting. Sometimes it’s best to be a minimalist with face makeup and pay extra attention on the way you apply it. For example, instead of using a brush, try out the beauty sponge from Beautyblender. This way you’ll need far less product. Another  trick is to switch to a mineral foundation. It evens out your skin tone, hides any pores and subtly conceals blemishes for a radiant complexion. Try the ultra-lightweight Youngblood’s Natural Mineral Foundation, which comes in 16 shades and gives you optimal coverage without the cakiness.

A little blush goes a long way, so be mindful when applying pigment to your cheeks. If you’re getting a more garish look than a subtle glow, you might simply be using the wrong shade for your coloring. A soft neutral rose, like bareMinerals – READY Blush The Confession, can complement any skin tone. Keep in mind that blush shouldn’t be applied all over, either. To find the apples of your cheeks, try smiling as you’re putting it on.

Skinny brows are out, and bolder brows are in. Instead of over-plucking them into a slender shape, opt for a fuller one, which actually defines your eyes more effectively and frames your face. After you’ve achieved the arch you want, use use short, upward strokes to fill in your brows with a pencil that’s just one shade lighter than your natural hair color. BABOR’s Maxi Definition Eye Brow Pencil comes with a handy brush on one end to help you blend the pigment.

You have to color inside the lines when it comes to your lips. While liner will make your lip color last longer, it looks sloppy if you’re not precise with your technique. The key is first to choose the right shade – which should be close to your natural lips if you’re sporting a sheer gloss or balm, or similar to your lipstick hue if you’re rocking a deeper color. Youngblood’s Lip Liner Pencil not only defines your lips and extends the life of your color, but also moisturizes your pout to prevent dryness and unsightly cracks

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  1. I’m a medium tone African American. I learned the foundation trick years ago and only use Bare Minerals now. The tip on the blush will not work for me. Your suggestion that a soft rose works on everyone is incorrect. A soft rose is a bright color against my medium brown skin. I fine deeper colors like burgundy, has a more natural look for me. Thanks for sharing. Site like yours have helped me greatly.

    Best always,


  2. Hi im Nancy Steptoe and i did learn some things so thanks for that. I’an 59 years old and i need all the help i can get.

    Thanks again


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