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Beauty BridgeReveal Your Natural Beauty


It’s no secret that I’m highly attached to beauty products. When a manufacturer releases new stuff, I’m all over it. Time-permitting, I like to spend bazillions of hours physically picking up and putting down all of these luscious new products. Most of the time though, I don’t do any serious beauty product purchasing unless it is online – and specifically from my two favorite stores – Sephora and Gloss.

Because these two Online Stores pretty much carry the world between them, I don’t have the need to stray towards others.

One day, while rating some online surveys on Epinions, I came across this merchant – Beauty Curiosity killed my cat and I felt the need to explore.

About Beauty Bridge
The newly revamped website doesn’t tell us much about Beauty Bridge the company. What I did find out is that it’s been around since 2003 and is headquartered in Nutley, New Jersey.

Beauty Bridge is highly focused on specific products and product lines. Reveal Your Natural Beauty is their slant on the world and you’ll find that the product lines they offer very much match their philosophy.

You can purchase products for skin care, make-up, mineral cosmetics, bath & body, and hair & nail. Featured brands include: Bare Escentuals, Bioelements, Dirty Girl by Blue Q, GloMinerals, Primal Elements, ZenMomma, Baby Cakes, and Illuminare. There are many others – just wanted to give you a hint of the variation.

Experiencing the Online-ness Of It All

Web Aesthetics
Beauty Bridge recently had their own face-lift of sorts. Today’s site is pleasantly laid out, with soft and subtle colors, and easy to read details about the products that they offer up for retail therapy. Navigating in and out of product lines was easy – as was adding items to my cart and checking out.

Customer Service
Customer Service comes in various forms. If you’re looking for information on your order, or have a question about a product, you have the opportunity to chat live with someone. The only downfall is if you’re shopping in the wee hours and suddenly, you have a burning question that must be answered now! In those circumstances, you can email them and they’ll get back to you pretty quickly.

Products – Availability
I mentioned a few of the product lines that they offer. Overall, they tend to be the higher-end things that you won’t find in many places and certainly, not in big, bulky amounts. I had no issue with product availability (for my own order) however, unlike other sites, they don’t tend to let you know up front whether or not the product is in stock (or not).

Pricing, Shipping, Options for Payment, Returns, Promotions
With regards to the pricing of their products, they tend to run the same as other places that stock them. I mean, you’re not going to find Kinerase for $1.00 anywhere ;).

You have various options for shipping and you pay accordingly but aside from knowing your options, Beauty Bridge did a good job (in my case) of communicating shipping expectations around the holidays and PRIOR to placing the order.

Beauty Bridge accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Discover, Money Order/Check, and Paypal.

Returns are a very tricky adventure. I never had to return my order, but if you find yourself in this boat, make sure that you carefully read their requirements. In some cases, the manufacturer of the products don’t allow return of the product – in other cases, you can return items because they didn’t meet your expectations. Again, I highly recommend you read this section.

Occasionally, they have promotions going on. They’re not nearly as big and splashy as what you might find elsewhere however they come in handy and are appreciated.

During my first visit, I received free shipping with purchases over $75 and 5% off my first order.

Other Information
You can peruse their Blog for great (and may I say – very applicable) beauty advice, or, just recently started – a bulletin board forum where you can interact with other consumers who are all beauty product obsessed.

The End
My very small box arrived on-time, carefully packaged, and in pristine condition. I was satisfied with my experience from start to finish and accordingly, have recommended this e-tailer as an option to those who are just as beauty-obsessed as I am.

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