It may seem counterintuitive, but slathering on plenty of sunscreen can actually help mattify your complexion this summer. When it’s hot out, our skin produces more sebum and sweat, which can turn your visage into a slippery oil slick in no time. However, Allure Magazine points out that sunblock application is a valid way to prevent excess shine.

When you’re using sunscreen (which you should be doing everyday), you don’t need to put on your regular moisturizer. Use a sunblock, which is enriched with vitamins to help protect against damage from free radicals. According to Allure, experts recommend using a teaspoon of the lotion for your entire face.

Ingredients like micronized zinc, titanium dioxide and denatured alcohol (written on labels as alcohol denat or SD alcohol 40) will help soak up extra oil, so look for those when you’re searching for the perfect formula. Of course, it never hurts to stock up on Facial Blotting Papers, which are an easy fix for getting rid of shine without ruining your makeup.

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