From tight-fitting stilettos to flats that pinch your feet throughout the day, looking fabulous can have it’s price, and it often comes in the form of calluses and dry heels. If you struggle day in and day out with calluses, now is the time to take action. With a few of these quick tips, you can get rid of calluses once and for all and rejuvenate your feet.

Ill-fitting shoes are the main culprit behind calluses, and if you spend most of your time rushing around the office, it’s easy to understand why they can have such a damaging effect on feet. Once you get home, it’s important to put your feet up – literally. With a nourishing walnut shell and lemon foot polish, you can hydrate the dry skin on your feet and give your heels a vital dose of nutrients.

When it comes to treating stubborn calluses, you’ll need to call in the big guns. A fluid designed to slough away tough, hardened skin, and soften calluses can be an excellent resource and deliver spot-specific treatment to coarse heels.

But above all, if you want to prevent calluses, you should consider changing up your footwear. If heels are mandatory around your office, try slipping into sneakers when you’re driving or traveling to work. While at your desk, you can change your pointed heels for comfortable sandals that won’t place pressure on your feet.

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