Not that we’re against letting your hair down once in awhile, but sometimes an updo is called for, and just like fashion, these trends are hair today and gone tomorrow.

These days, french twists are gaining steam. According to, both Sara Paxton and Mia Wasikowska recently sported these super sleek ‘dos and both looked nothing short of lovely.

“It’s a smart choice. Why? In general, French twists are great for short-ish hair – since the twist itself goes down the length of your head, your hair doesn’t have to reach that far,” the news source reports. “And if you let it go messy, then even if little pieces fall out, it just adds to the effect.”

To create your own stylish twist, apply product (such as a volumizing mousse) to your hair while it’s wet so that you have more texture to work with. Sleek your hair back, let the twisting happen naturally and secure with large bobby pins – there’s no set way to pull this off, and there’s no harm with some imperfection.

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