There are countless ways to go wrong with glitter. Chunky sparkles and overly shimmery pastel eyeshadows all over your lids are just two of the worst mistakes you can make, but many ladies go wrong when they try to pull off a hint of shine on the brow bone as well. The idea behind illuminating this area is that it’s supposed to brighten up your eyes, but many ladies go overboard. Instead of slicking on a thick glitter, take a cue from Emma Stone, whose makeup look was featured on Glamour magazine’s beauty blog.

Emma’s brow bone sparkle was subtle. In other words, it was practically invisible when she was turned away from the light source, but glowed enchantingly as she turned her head. This is exactly the effect you should aim for each time you pull off this look, and if you do it right, it can even be done at the office.

Pixi – Eye Zone Brightener is a tinted eye gel than awakens your eyes and even smooths out the area for a more youthful appearance. Anti-puff ingredients and plenty of hydration will ensure that your lids are shimmery and bright. Pixi – Eye Definer Highlighter also works to reflect a bit of light, highlighting your brow bone and drawing attention to your eyes.

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