Most women would jump at the chance to get a whiter smile, but not everyone has the time or money to spend on intense whitening treatments at the dentist. Instead of feeling self-conscious about a lackluster smile, there are a few ways you can incorporate whitening habits into your daily routine, recommended by Marie Claire magazine.

1. After every meal, swish water around in your mouth for 30 seconds. Doing so will prevent stains from food sticking to your teeth.

2. Eat raw fruits and vegetables with a bit of crunch. This will not only help to scrub the surface of your teeth, but it will produce extra saliva, which works to naturally whiten and clean your teeth.

3. Before brushing your teeth, use Whitening Floss to remove any food particles and discourage stains from forming in between your teeth.

4. Wear a smile-brightening lipstick, like ModelCo – Star Smile Teeth Whitener and Hydrating Lipstick. Blue undertones make your teeth appear whiter, but steer clear of orange, which could bring out yellow hues.

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