When wearing a nude-colored dress, it’s hard to keep from looking washed out without a lot of makeup, which makes Elizabeth Moss’ recent look so impressive. At the 38th Annual International Emmy Awards Gala in New York City, Moss sported a flesh-toned gown and minimal makeup, and appeared more fresh-faced than ever.

The secret seemed to lie within her impeccably applied cheek color. The rose blush, which featured golden undertones that warmed her complexion, was concentrated on the apples of her cheeks, mimicking a natural glow.

Moss added a pop of color to the ensemble with vibrant red nail polish, but aside from the blush and a sheer lip gloss, she wore little else on her face. Her ethereal look was further emphasized by her relaxed hairstyle, as her loose waves gently cascaded over her shoulders.

Women wearing a nude-colored outfit who want to recreate Moss’ natural beauty should remember to keep makeup minimal, cheek color warm and hair soft and simple. Balance the abundance of natural tones with a bright nail polish and you’re ready to go.