Shaving is probably one of your daily routines, so by now you should have it mastered. However, if you’re still falling victim to ingrown hairs, you may be missing an important step of the hair removal process. That’s exfoliating beforehand, ladies!

According to Allure magazine, exfoliating is your best defense against ingrown hairs no matter what hair removal method you choose – waxing  or shaving. Use a body scrub like Bliss – Super Minty Soap’n Scrub Energizing Exfoliator For The Body before you start shaving in the shower and before you start applying waxing strips.

It also helps to moisturize your skin afterwards with a body lotion that contains alpha hydroxy acids, like Archipelago Botanicals – Boticario de Havana Body Lotion. This will keep your skin free of dead cells that could block hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs.

If you tend to get ingrown hairs after a waxing session, you can eliminate the problem by using the lotion a couple of days before and after the wax to ensure smooth skin.

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