It seems that women are always looking for ways to get longer-looking lashes, and while many gals may think the secret to fuller fringe lies within the contents of the mascara tube, it may actually be linked to how the product is applied.

According to celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin, who recently worked with Jennifer Aniston, ladies can use a fan brush to put on mascara, for an amazing look.

“To make her blue eyes really pop, I finished with three coats of mascara,” Angela Levin told “I applied one coat [using a fan brush], then brushed out the lashes, a second coat, again brushed out the lashes, and finally a third coat.”

Ladies looking to try out this trick can use a Paula Dorf Mascara Fan Brush. The tool is hand-cut and hand-shaped to ensure expert precision.

Before applying mascara, however, remember to shape lashes with an eyelash curler. Paula Dorf Curl-Up Eyelash Curler will gently crimp lashes without pinching or pulling at the delicate skin around one’s eyes.

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