As many experts claim, mascara is a fantastic product – it can make your eyes appear wider and brighter, and can even add instant sex appeal. However, applying the makeup can be particularly challenging, as lashes can often leave mascara residue on upper lids.

But you don’t have to forgo the product – just take a few tips from makeup artist Pat McGrath, and apply mascara like a pro.

Before you begin, make sure your mirror is slightly below eye level, so that you are looking down and your eyes are partially closed, McGrath told Allure magazine.

With a steady hand, brush the mascara through your lashes – but don’t look up just yet. Wait a minute for the formula to dry before shifting your gaze, as the dried mascara will be less likely to transfer to your upper lids.

However, errors do occur, and sooner or later you’re bound to end up with a streak of mascara somewhere other than your lashes. To erase the mistake, McGrath suggests dipping a cotton swab in facial moisturizer and dabbing the mascara-flecked area to remove the marks.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19904551-ADNFCR

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