Many reality TV shows and news topics lately have revolved around the question of whether it’s okay for young girls to engage in beauty services like manicures, haircuts and even waxing.

It’s a sensitive subject, and there have definitely been astonishing cases, like the mom who got her eight-year-old daughter Botox injections. While waxing and injections seem like way too much, it should be perfectly okay to allow your daughter to experiment with makeup at an early age. According to Allure magazine, as long as girls are finding out that they’re pretty rather than wondering if they’re pretty enough, it’s harmless to play a little dress-up.

If you think your daughter would be thrilled at the prospect of a few beauty goodies for Christmas this year, there are plenty of options. You may want to start out by getting her a kit, like Natural Mineral Kit. The colors are muted and natural, so you can be sure she won’t be going wild with colors right away. Lip glosses can also be fun, and a product like ModelCo – Gloss Ring is sure to be a big hit with girls who like to accessorize.

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