If you’re not using a rich eye cream as part of your beauty regimen, you’re doing your peepers (specifically the skin around them) a disservice. Eye creams can stave off any beauty concern around the eyes, whether it’s dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles or puffiness. Here’s what BellaSugar.com thinks you should know about which products to pick and how to apply them.

First, you’ll need to decide what issues you’re most worried about, then choose your product accordingly. Eye cream for fine lines and wrinkles should have antioxidants or retinol listed in the ingredients. Those meant for dark circles should have illuminating particles and something like vitamin K. De-puffing eye creams will have an ingredient like caffeine in them.

Apply your eye cream in the morning and at night before putting on your moisturizer. You only need a small amount, and it should be applied with your ring finger. The delicate touch won’t disturb the fragile skin in this area. Make sure you get it all the way around your eyes, including on the lids, for maximum results. That’s it!

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