It’s no secret that full brows are becoming increasingly popular. And while you may be relieved to be putting down the tweezers, you may want to rethink your beauty routine to make sure that your eye makeup is suited for thick arches.

A pronounced brow can create more shadows around your eye, so avoid dark, matte pigments – this can make your eye area appear too heavy. However, this doesn’t mean you are sentenced to a lifetime of neutral shadows. In fact, a bright-colored powder can open up your eyes and create an impressive appearance.

Proper application is just as important as shade selection. Keep color on your lids – extending above your crease can cause the shadow to compete with your bold brows.

For a lighter look, skip the shadow and stick with eyeliner, which is a fantastic way to define your eyes without overwhelming your arches. Get creative and play around with a variety of hues. Pop Beauty Eyeliner Pencils are available in a wide range of colors, from the most subtle (Chocolate) to the most vibrant (Lime).

Of course, don’t forget a few coats of your favorite mascara – long, lush lashes are the easiest ways to make eyes stand up to full brows.

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  1. Cream blush is mandatory if you want to keep that natural make up look out by the pool or at the beach resort. No matter how many times you go into the water, your cream blush will never wash off. It’s a great thing.

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