Whether creating a fabulous look for the office or for a night out, many women will begin with what they consider the most important element – eye makeup. However, some ladies have skin conditions and sensitive peepers that make wearing eye makeup nearly impossible.

Oily eyelids can be an annoying problem because they can make eyeshadow crease and, in some cases, even fade away completely. To help pigment stay put, insiders at Glamour.com recommend using a mattifying cream, which stops oiliness before it starts. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 prevents an excess of surface oil from accumulating for up to eight hours.

Ladies can also try an eyeshadow primer, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is a silicone-based formula designed to create a barrier between skin’s oils and cosmetics.

Finally, sensitive eyes can often be irritated by mascara. However, instead of forgoing mascara all together, the news source suggests switching to a lighter color, as they are less irritating than highly pigmented shades.

Additionally, tubing mascara, like blinc Kiss Me Mascara, forms water-resistant tubes around each lash that won’t flake and irritate sensitive eyes.

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