February may seem bleak compared to the promise of sandy dunes in the summer, but there are ways you can satisfy your beach cravings now, even if you can’t afford to book a trip to the tropics.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hairstylists know the secrets to achieving sexy, beachy hair, and you can create this look at home without ever leaving your vanity table.

“The whole idea is a relaxed attitude so you have to use a relaxed technique and not work too precisely. The looser and messier you do, the better,” hairstylist Ward Stegerhoek told InStyle.com.

Applying mousse to damp hair is one place to start, and if you’re looking for some ocean-fresh texture, Stegerhoek suggests clipping up hair in small sections and letting them air-dry. To glam this look up a bit, you can use a curling iron, but don’t fuss too much or try to make it too perfect.

Most importantly, Stegerhoek suggests playing with hair once styling products have been applied, as you can often get more volume the more you tease and tussle your tresses.

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