Both Glamour magazine and Cosmopolitan magazine are raving about a retro-chic accessory that showed up all over runways this season. Here’s a hint: it clips together and you probably already own one.

The latest trend in hairstyles features a staple for many girls in the 90s – the barrette. The good news is that there are tons of fashionable updates in stores everywhere featuring jewels, feathers, flowers and pretty designs. Of course, you could always just go with the regular tortoise-shell kind or a simple metallic.

One look that Cosmopolitan pointed out featured a simple ponytail clipped under with a barrette. To get a similar style, just use a cream like Leonor Greyl – Eclat Naturel to slick your hair back into a low ponytail parted on the side, then clip the ends underneath using the barrette. You could also go with the classic half-up look using the tool as a way to hold the hair back. Conditioning Shea Spray can give you extra shine so you’ll be ready to rock fall’s coolest hair accessory for every occasion.

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