If long, luxurious lashes just weren’t programmed into your genes, you don’t have to condemn yourself to short, thin fringe. With so many false eyelashes and lengthening mascaras on the market, you’re bound to find a way to amp up your lashes. With falsies, you have a variety of options.

According to The Beauty Department, you can achieve a number of different effects simply by using one pair of full, fake fringe. Although ModelCo – Lash Out Individual Lashes + Glue can give you hints of lengthier lashes, a full set is easier to work with and will provide more dramatic results.

You can create your own individual lashes by cutting a strip of falsies into separate groups, then stick them at the outer corners of your lash lines for a flared effect. You could also place individuals toward the center of your lash lines above your pupils for wider looking eyes. Or, try cutting the strips in half and placing them only on the outer half of your eyes. Of course, using the full strip is also an option, but it’s best reserved for special occasions when bold makeup is acceptable.

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  1. Love me some lashes. I’ve been wearing them since I was 15 and don’t plan to stop any time soon. Don’t have time for clumpy mascara. Lashes do the trick for me!

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