1. Reduce fine lines. Apply a very small amount of eye cream on the brow bone and under the eye. Then, dab on a concealer that correctly matches your skin tone. Blend and even with a concealer brush. The final step is to line the eye with a white pencil directly beneath the lash line. Then, blend well with fingertips. This gives the impression of a wider and brighter eye.

2. Shade eyes with shadow and apply from the inner eye corner outward. Make sure to always blend up and outward. Highlight just under brows with a lighter, shimmery shade like taupe. Use at least two shades of shadow to define the eye.

3. Gently line with liquid eyeliner, brush or pencil, drawing a skinny line along lashes directly next to roots. For a softer and more natural look soften with fingertip or Q-tip.

4. Brush brows out and upward. Carefully trim any additional hair just above the top of your natural arch. Look carefully at the shape. The brow should begin at your inner eye, peak at the outer edge of your iris and stop at the outer corner of your eye. Hold a pencil in line with the outer side of your iris and check where the peak of your arch naturally occurs. From the arch all the way to the outer corner of the eye is where your brow should fall in a straight or slightly curved line, depending on the look you´re trying to get.

5. Never sleep in your make-up as this can make your lashes dry out and become brittle. Keep your head elevated when you sleep, to try to keep fluid from settling around your eyes.

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