Many women opt to wear contacts instead of glasses because they’re often more convenient and don’t require a serious style commitment. But if you’re wearing contacts and eye makeup at the same time, you’ll need a few tips to ensure that you’re not risking the health of your eyes or compromising the effectiveness of your contacts. Here are four to keep in mind.

1. Consider switching to contacts that are changed on a daily basis. One optometrist told Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog that doing so will ensure that your lenses don’t accumulate makeup buildup.

2. Take your contacts out before removing your makeup with a product like Dermalogica – Soothing Eye Make-up Remover. If you don’t do so, your vision might get blurry from the ingredients if they get into your eyes.

3. Gently rub your contacts before putting them in their case for the night. Even if your solution says it’s “no-rub,” stubborn makeup could still stick to the lenses.

4. If you can still see without them, you might want to put your contacts in after applying your eye makeup. Sometimes when you’re applying eyeshadow or a mascara like BORGHESE – Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara, you could slip and get it on your contacts.

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