Whether you always try to stay up to date on the latest mascara trends or you simply want to revamp your makeup routine, there are plenty of styles to take advantage of in 2013. Some of the most popular ones were seen on runways during New York Fashion Week, but celebrities have been giving onlookers a sneak peek at what’s to come in the new year as well.

Some of the hottest trends are ones that have been seen in the past, but appear to be making a comeback – winged eyes, full brows and jewel tones. Others may come as a complete shock to you as you look to tweak your eyeliner routine and add to your makeup collection. Here are styles to try in spring 2013.

1. Full brows.
Gone are the days when women were expected to wax their eyebrows to the bare minimum! Full brows were seen earlier in 2012 on runway models, but they quickly faded out as the seasons changed. Now, BellaSugar.com reports that they’re bound to make a comeback in the new year.

Whether you’re used to plucking your brows or paying to have them professionally waxed every couple of weeks, give yourself one less thing to do by cutting out this routine. Full brows are the way to go as more women look to frame their faces with this method. To give your eyebrows a more voluptuous look, consider using the BABOR Maxi Definition Eye Brow Pencil.

2. Smudged eyeliner.
As Marie Claire magazine points out, sometimes a bit of smudging is a good thing. This trend was recently seen at New York Fashion Week, showcasing some of the most popular styles meant to take the makeup world by storm come 2013. Many models stepped onto the runway wearing smudged eyeliner under their eyes to give off a casual yet dramatic look.

For women who get a little lazy when applying their eyeliner, this trend is right down your alley! Don’t knock it before you try it – this might be your new date-night appearance.

3. Simplicity.
Another trend that made itself evident on runways in anticipation for spring 2013 was simplicity. Many designers took the liberty to use one cosmetic – and lots of it – but then left the rest behind. For example, MAC artist Tom Pecheux used navy eyeliner on one model on her top lash lines to give her peepers definition, but went bare on the rest of her face.

You might be fearful of going with just one makeup product on your face, especially if you’re used to piling on foundation and lip gloss. However, the new year is the perfect time to try something fresh – embrace your natural beauty!

4. Bold lips.
Harper’s Bazaar magazine reports that while neutral lip colors reigned supreme during the fall and winter, things aren’t likely to stay this way heading into 2013. In fact, more designers, such as Burberry, have been giving their models bold lipsticks to wear as they strut down the runway and display their latest designs.

If you want to capitalize on this trend yourself, consider adding some fire engine red and berry or magenta lipsticks to your collection before spring arrives. This will prepare you for what the makeup world has to offer in the coming months.

While not everyone is keen on keeping up with the latest trends in cosmetics, doing so isn’t as difficult as you may think – watching the runways and the red carpet can easily give you inspiration for your next look.

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