Blue eyeshadow may bring back bad memories of junior high school…or the 1980s. However, as long as you don’t go wild and smudge it on up to your eyebrows – and as long as you use a mixture of varying shades – blue shadow can be a total “Do.” Glamour magazine’s beauty blog loved the look on Emma Stone, who rocked a frosted blue eye at a private dinner event which perfectly matched her dress.

You don’t have to stick with blue – in fact, you could go with purple, pink, orange or green. Basically any color will work as long as you create depth by using strategic placement of different hues. Three different shades will work just fine.

To begin, use a medium shade of shadow. If you’re doing blue, GloMinerals – gloEye Shadow in Ocean would work. Apply it all over your lid and focus your efforts on the crease. Next, use a darker color eyeliner, like Too Faced – Liquid Lava Glossy Eyeliner in Lava Midnight. Finish it off with a light, frosty blue glitter shadow or cream, like POP Beauty – Glitter Stix. Use it on the inner corners of your eyes and right underneath your brow bone. See how nice it looks?

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