If you have longer hair and haven’t tried a fishtail braid yet, there are really no excuses left for you. It’s a simple, quick and gorgeous way to tame your hair no matter what state it’s in, and the style is trendy to boot. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your weekend ensemble.

Whether your hair is dry or wet, a fishtail is simple to make. Tons of volume and texture can help out a lot, so use plenty of Jack Black – Body Building Hair Gel before you begin. Pull your hair over to the side opposite your part, then separate into two sections. All you have to do now is take a piece from the outside of one side and bring it over to the other. So, take a piece from the outside of the left and bring it over to the right, then pull it tight and do the same with an outer piece on the right side.

Make sure to keep pulling it tight as you go, then secure the ends with an elastic. It’s okay if you have layers and there are pieces sticking out, or if there are a few bumps. It’s supposed to look slightly messy. Finish off with Leonor Greyl – Voluforme (Setting spray for volumn & hold), then flaunt your look for the rest of the day!

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