What’s better than biting into a ripe, juicy mango or peach? Having that look on your lips for the rest of the day, of course.

This spring, juicy shades of lip colors are de rigeur. Look for lipsticks, glosses, balms and stains that remind you of your favorite spring or summertime fruit, be it mango, watermelon, tangerine or papaya.

“Imagine biting into the ripe yellowish orange flesh of a mango. That juicy shade is exactly what you want on your lips this spring,” according to Glamour.com. And as for the slightly darker, bold hue of watermelon? “It’s as good a staple for the warmer-weather months as the fruit itself. The shade is both sexy and a whole lot of fun.”

These are all just jumping off points to get you thinking, of course. Don’t limit yourself just because a shade doesn’t look exactly like a nectarine. The key here is the juicy factor, so whatever kind of flavor you go for, make sure to layer on plenty of gloss.

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