While ladies can get lost in a shampoo-and-conditioner haze for hours before spending almost as long blowdrying, curling and pinning back their locks, most guys don’t spend much time worrying about their hair (unless they’re losing it, of course). But if you want a head full of tresses that are just as luscious as your girlfriend’s – and admit it, deep down, you do – it’s time to get serious about your hair care routine. All you need for some gorgeous hair is the right shampoo and conditioner.

Although your hair may be short, it can still get greasy and dirty after a long day working in the office or hitting the gym. That’s why it’s important to use shampoo every day to clear out all that dirt, oil and other buildup. If you’re like most guys, you’re not interested in getting up even one second earlier than you have to – so condense that shower routine into a super-quick in-and-out job by using a product like Jack Black All Over Wash for Face, Hair, and Body. That way, you can get everything done in one fell swoop without having to fumble with tons of different bottles.

If you want silky locks, it’s important not to forget the conditioner. Leave it in your hair for a few minutes while you lather up, then rinse it out with a fine-toothed comb to make sure you don’t leave any residue. This will keep your hair soft and moisturized, so your girlfriend won’t be able to stop herself from running her fingers through it later that evening.

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